Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pre-Cruise Jiggles

As I prepare for a Southern Caribbean cruise this Sunday, I make note of a few things. 
A) You simply cannot lose 30 pounds in 1 week through diet and exercise alone.
B) Cellulite affects tummy flab. We're talking grapefruit peel here. No more two piece bathing suits. Actually, never did wear them. Flipper is eternally grateful.
C) I once read with horror how Demi Moore had plastic surgery because her knees were sagging. Her knees!!!! As I look south, no longer is it just my boobs heading for my toes. I now have one saggy knee. The left one. And apparently the cellulite from the tummy has taken on the personality of a glacier, creeping into my upper thighs. I think I need to keep my head up.
Post Lipo Suction.
D) When is a size 10 not a size 10? I'm not talking dress size. Went to Marshall's,  my lord, what an assortment of shoes they have. I need a pair of flats for the cruise. I picked up a nice comfy pair to try on in my most Cinderella fashion, and found out I am the ugly step sister. A size 10 M/W would not fit no matter how I tried to stuff my foot in that shoe. I think there may be foot cellulite there too, although it is too far away for me to see. I wonder if they make Spanx for feet?
And that is my little world at the moment.

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