Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Princess Diary in Pictures.

The video of our Southern Caribbean Cruise. 
"The Love Boat,
Soon will be making another run..."
Ah yes, the memories I want to share with you of our Southern Caribbean cruise, Aboard the lovely Caribbean Princess.
Day 1 St. Maarten

Day 2 St. Maarten. Wait, we were supposed to be...

Here, doing...

This, maybe.

Day 3. Supposed to be Grenada. Looks like Puerto Rico.

Day 4. Bonaire. Funny, it looks like Puerto Rico.
Day 5. Aruba. Looks like Puerto Rico.
Day 6. Our Fun Day at Sea.  Hey, is that Puerto Rico?
Disembarkation day. Someone else's Fun Day at Sea. In Puerto Rico.


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  1. Hope you had fun!! Looks like somebody was trying to raft out of Cuba......You???