Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Adventure With Grandma

I went to my best friend's cottage for a few days, with the Bean and the Humvee in tow. This is what I learned:
1. Women who elect to have children in their fifties are seriously flawed (stupid, naive, two bricks short, maybe more). There's a reason the baby works close down pretty much on their own at this age. We should never fool with Mother Nature. Ever.
2.The ability to make horrendous piecrust is not inherited. My Mom made great piecrust. I, who can make/bake pretty much anything, cannot make a piecrust to save my life. In fact it may be declared a weapon of mass destruction. My daughter however, can make piecrust to rival my Mom's. And her fig and whiskey pie is the best.
3. Vegetarianism is a learned behaviour. When cooking for/with my daughter who is vegetarian. Who would miss the meat with things like a mushroom lasagne with dried lobster and porcini mushrooms, and fresh shiotaki, white, cremini and oyster mushrooms combined with two pounds of cheese? Or the lightest of home made ricotta gnocchi with fresh mozzarella and a delectable tomato sauce?
4. Advanced verbal skills do not mean advanced reasoning skills. It's sometimes hard to remember that the Humvee is short of 2. However, I am trying hard to figure out why this is also true of many adults I know.
5. Grandma of the Year? Won't likely be me. Locked the kid out of the house earlier this year, then left him on his own while his Mom was in the outhouse. See # 1.
6. Deerflies and kids don't mix. Particularly true of adult children.
7. A sunny "Hi Grandma!" will always rock my world!
Until we meet in the GWN, provided I retrieve my computer in Yellowknife. Look it up.

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  1. Grandma is the best word in the world!! They don't care what mistakes you make....they just love you!!