Monday, November 19, 2012

Daniel Vales Diaz

My heart is saddened today by the news that one of my beloved Mexican medical students whom I have been privileged to work with has died. At this moment, I don't know the cause. One can only imagine what his parents must be going through. If I could speak to to them, wrap my arms around them, give them what little consolation I could, this is what I would say:
None of us can come remotely close to feeling the cataclysmic loss that must be tearing your hearts at this moment. Not even those who have lost children before you, because they have not lost your Daniel. None of us can grieve to the extent that you will. He is your child, your son. Though the world has stood still, and is a little darker for this moment, and a very long moment it may well be, I can only tell you that our lives have been made brighter by the presence of your son in our world. That brings joy through my sorrow, through our sorrow, as we begin to grasp his loss, and try to sense the enormity of the pain you must be feeling.
Lt- Rt: Me, Daniel, Rene, Pato, Jorge, Arturo. My Boys.
We all enter this world, trying to leave our mark. Each and every one of us has felt that. To find purpose, to know that our days meant something, to someone. He was your world, but know too, that he left his mark on ours, that his short life was never in vain, that he was, and is, through memories that cannot, will not, be erased, a very happy part of our lives. We are privileged to have known him, and we will remain grateful to you that you shared this extraordinary young gentleman with us. May God bless you in all of your sorrow, and may He grant you joy through your tears, with the glorious memories, and the eternal love that you will bear, and that we, in some small way, will bear with you.
Love always.


  1. Thank you Judy! So very sad. Praying for him and his family. Elizabeth

  2. Great post.............and he sounds like he was a great young man!!

  3. Danny is my cousin. This was beautiful.

  4. Thanks Judy Dany was very special and of cours he´s still in our heart and memory